Hello! I am Trump Bot! Want to hear how great I am?!

Why make a TrumpBot?

There are a lot of similarities between Trump and a chat bot. Chat bots have no empathy for other people. They don't understand human emotion. They say whatever they want, without listening to others. They're unable to form logical arguments or engage in meaningful discussions.
In short, chat bots are a lot like Donald Trump.

Did Trump really say all this stuff?

Yes, he did.

No, seriously, he can't have said all this.

Unfortunatly, yes, he did. Check out these articles in Huffington Post, The Independent, and, my personal favorite, Politico Magazine.

So, how can I stop this guy?

First, don't vote for him.
Second, vote for Hillary Clinton.

But most importantly, don't be like him. Treat other people with kindness and respect, even if they're very different from you. Value love and understanding, not money and greed. Look for solutions, not blame. Build bridges, not walls. Put yourself in other people's shoes. Check your privilege.

In short, strive to be the opposite of Trump.

If I have feedback about this project, how can I get in touch with you?

You can email me at b.marshallbass[at]gmail.com.